I Married a Murphy

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We are two friends who love our husbands, but we must be insane for marrying them because they are Murphys!

Welcome to "I Married a Murphy!". Did you marry a Murphy? Is he insane? Fun? Crazy? Tell us all about it!

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Definition: A modern form of the ancient Irish name "O'Murchadha," which means "descendant of sea warrior" in Gaelic.

Surname Origin: Irish

Alternate Surname Spellings: MURPHEY

Origin and Meaning
this Gaelic surname means descendent of Murchadh. The male personal name means ‘sea-battler’. The surname Murphy is the most common and widely dispersed name in Ireland. This surname was comprised of three septs; the chiefs of Siol Aodha in County Tyrone, the chiefs of Uí Fiachrach who were found around Sligo Bay and thirdly the chiefs of Uí Feilme who were prominent in County Wexford.

Development and History
In 1890 Murphy was the most numerous surname in Armagh and Wexford and it is still the commonest name in Co.Wexford nowadays. It is the 59th most numerous surname in the US. Of a population of approximately 4 million in Ireland there are roughly 55, 000 Murphys.